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Stem Cell Update II

Hot off the presses: a stem cell paper connected to the disgraced Hwang laboratory in South Korea has been just retracted for misleading use of  photos that were claimed to be of different stem cells, but were actually the same (doctored) photograph. The NY Times had a good article a few months ago on spotting […]

“Did you mean adoption?”

This is fascinating. Apparently the search engine at Amazon.com was prompting users who searched for "abortion" whether they meant to type "adoption," purely for intersecting reasons of technical and typographical chance. They have changed it, but similar problems are bound to crop up more often as large amounts of information are increasingly subject to user […]

Investigating NFP: An Ob/Gyn’s Point of View

If the following podcast had a text transcript I’d consider using it for the last post of this series.  Since it doesn’t, I’ll just point you folks to it so you can listen at your leisure. Today we have a conversation with Dr Paddy Jim Baggot, MD. He is a Catholic Physician board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist […]

Is NFP Just Another Form of Contraception?

In the post “French Bishop Urges Vatican to Reopen Debate on Whether 1+1=2”, Funky mentions that: “Pope Paul VI banned contraception in the 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, arguing that sexual intercourse was meant for procreation and any artificial method to block a pregnancy went against the nature of the act.”  I was inclined by this […]

Something Better Than Blogdigger

The rate of feature development (or lack thereof) at Blogdigger has led me to the decision to move the St. Blog’s Parish Aggregator somewhere else. Can anybody recommend a similar service for managing a publicly searchable list of syndication feeds? Update: I had a very nice chat with Greg Gershman, one of the men behind […]