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An election-day reminder to Sen. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama:  You were talking the other day about how important the youth vote is to you.  I wanted to point out to you that abortion on demand, which you so enthusiastically support, has taken the lives of 25 million plus potential voters who would be between the ages of 18 and 35 today.   […]

Troubling Remarks from Locals

My brother has posted quite a collection of troubling comments from discussions on the Fresno Bee Opinion Talk blog. Here are some excerpts from his excerpts:

If you promote homosexuality and are in favor of abortion won’t you render society to extinction. Now that’s regressive. You’ll have to count on the social conservatives to further civilization […]

A Liberal Republican Conspiracy?

The other day, I noticed a McCain bumper sticker along with a Giuliani (“Rudy”) one. This was another proof in a conspiracy theory that I came up with when Giuliani dropped out of the race a while back.

When Not to Vote for a Pro-life Politician

A number of pro-life groups are hawking McCain as pro-life. Let’s say he really is pro-life (a leap of faith): should we vote for him, considering his other positions?

What do Pro-lifers Want?

On a webpage somewhere (sorry, I can’t remember where) someone asked, “What do pro-lifers really want?” He was skeptical that pro-lifers (PL’s) really knew what they wanted.This struck me as strange. I would think it odd that the actions of PL?…