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  Gerald Nora

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  Steven Nicoloso

The life of Steven Nicoloso is characterized by vast periods of child rearing, day dreaming, and internet brawling, punctuated by brief and terrifying moments of work as an electrical engineer. He holds a BS (1988) in Social Studies Education and an MS (1996) in Electrical Engineering. He and his wife Robin educate their 5 (so far) children at home in the homeschoolers' paradise (really) of NJ. They have recently left the Evangelical Church in search of a more permanent form of orthodox Christianity, and are sadly currently without communion in any Christian church. Steve's interests include Christian orthodoxy and praxis, natural law, fatherhood, sustainable and just agriculture and business practice, the Discipline of Place, independent music, and mockumentary film.

  Jonathan Pinto

Despite his Hispanic-sounding last name, Jonathan is as Indian and Catholic as you can get. Since moving to Pitt from Bombay in Fall 2003 for his PhD in Organizational Behavior, he has ‘enjoyed’ his lowest-ever standard of living (e.g. no car, no fancy restaurants, tiniest digs imaginable), yet his quality of life has never been higher. His philosophy and career strategy can be summed up in two words ‘avoid boredom’. A congenital contrarian, he is impossible to live with – which explains not only his single status, but also his state of uninterrupted bliss since starting graduate studies. A lifelong music dilettante his ultimate fantasy is to be a one-hit wonder. His life experiences and explorations in faith formation, have resulted in a very definite take on Catholicism and spirituality, which, to put it mildly, is not widely shared. He treasures the opportunities he has had to spend time with some remarkable people, in particular, two very wise Jesuit priests, Fr. Josef Neuner (based in Poona, India), and the late Fr. J.B. Fernandes. He thanks Funky for inviting him on to his blog, and reassures visitors that he only carps because he cares.


The only "box" edey fits into is that of a statistical anomaly. She wants to change the world, but is a firm believer in tradition. ("It is obvious that tradition is only democracy extended through time." -G.K. Chesterton) Cultivating a respect for the dignity of all life is the guiding principle of her politics. Never afraid to buck the trend, she tries to follow her favorite professor's lead by defying power in order to make space for love. She knows that the only happiness is love, which is attained by giving, not receiving.

edey is a science geek with such eclectic intellectual pursuits that-not only did she end up with two undergraduate degrees-she designed her own liberal arts major. She is on a never-ending quest for truth and beauty. While edey is a tomboy, she can surprise even herself by being "such a girl" under certain circumstances. Her greatest assets-her passion, honesty, and loyalty-are her greatest liabilities. Ultimately, she strives to follow St. John the Baptist's words: "He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 3:30)


A self-proclaimed fence-sitter, one may only categorize Lightwave as "uncategorized". While registered as a Democrat (US), he also espouses many of the beliefs of the right. Often idealist and cynic at the same time, he believes that most ideologies work best when balanced.

By trade, Lightwave has spent over the last 15 years in Information Technology, private business, and the government sector. He has earned his Batchelor’s degree in Computer Science as well as an MBA and a Masters degree in Information Systems Management.

On a quest for a lifetime of learning, Lightwave does his best to stay current in technology, business, and economic topics. Devoting himself to his wife and daughter, Lightwave finds legal topics to be more of a hobby, but hopes to one day pursue a Juris Doctorate.

  Gutter Ball Master

It's easy to guess Gutter Ball Master's favorite sport as he is from Levittown, PA (NE suburb of Philadelphia) with the sport of our Phighting Phils being an extremely close second.

He attended masses and activities at the Pittsburgh Oratory for a few years (Pitt also; ENGR '00), got married, and now resides in Baltimore, MD. When not trying to dedicate himself to his vocation in his (1) wife and (2) son, he does home office work, sings in the Handel Choir of Baltimore, and composes sacred choral works. He lives in minor key with a major key outlook.

Closely resembling Cary Grant in physique and Captain Spock in personality, he can be characterized as "morally conservative" and "fiscally liberal", but above all a Roman Catholic Christian.


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 Tom Smith

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