Troubling Remarks from Locals

My brother has posted quite a collection of troubling comments from discussions on the Fresno Bee Opinion Talk blog regarding sexual morality. Here are some excerpts from his excerpts:

  1. If you promote homosexuality and are in favor of abortion won’t you render society to extinction. Now that’s regressive. You’ll have to count on the social conservatives to further civilization and that is ironic. You need us or there can be no you.
  2. [C]onservative values on social issues promote reproduction (necessary to sustain a society) while the lefts do not.
  3. If it were not for modern medicine, the AIDS epidemic may have well put homosexuals close to extinction. What is the message here: Homosexuality is against nature! Homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle.
  4. [T]he degrading of our Judeo-Christian culture affects us all. It makes us no better than a beast!
  5. While the Judeo-Christian culture may not be your culture, it is the collective culture of America courtesy of our Founders. It is deserving of your respect even if it offends your “delicate sensibilities.”
  6. Sexual perversion is not something I want our country to embrace, which is what homosexuality is. I consider it no different than other sexual perversions, which are self-destructive physically, mentally, and spiritually to the offender, and the offended. The evidence is irrefutable that this is true with homosexuals.
  7. [T]he American culture . . . is based on Judeo-Christian values, written by men who were Christians (their writings are proof of this—check it out for yourself). Throwing this all away will put our country in peril.

No matter how well I convince myself that I live in a modern and inclusive society, people like these continually present themselves and batter my confidence in American ideals. Who are these people?

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