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Identity Theft Playground

The LA Times offers another reason to worry about overexposure on the internet. Web social networks friendly to identity thieves “Social networking sites, which let users create detailed profile pages and connect with friends, are becoming the hot new thing for identity thieves, both amateur and professional. As improved spam filters and skeptical consumers make […]

Attention Attraction for the Attention Deficient Generation

Andy Warhol famously quipped, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” His appraisal of the fleeting nature of fame was mostly right. However, he said that before the advent of repeated episodes, re-run and syndicated series, reality TV, blogs, and social networking. Had he seen these, perhaps he’d have suggested “15 episodes”, […]

Blogfest 12

I attended Blogfest 12 tonight. Also in attendance was Andrew Stockey of WTAE. I took the opportunity to show my geek credentials by capturing webcam video of Andrew’s cameraman capturing video for a story. Unfortunately, the audio level was set too high, so the video isn’t fun to listen to. It’ll be good for some […]

Celeres Nexus Pro 2007-09-18

Crocs, kids and escalators a bad combination? – CNN.com Not only are these things ugly as sin, they’re also dangerous. (tags: clothing children stupidity) Cruggs? – Boing Boing Why, Lord, why? (tags: crocs cruggs uggs shoes ugly stupidity) Can I burn a tape measure? – News Woohoo! One step closer to banning smoking entirely! (tags: […]

Celeres Nexus Pro 2007-04-20

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