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People Who Run Downtown

Some of the people I run with every Wednesday (6PM, Schenley Oval) also run on Tuesday nights with a group called People Who Run Downtown. A couple days ago, they got a plug in the Trib PM. Strength in numbers “Planning to eat at Finnigan’s Wake on a recent Tuesday night, Albert DiPietro took a […]

Clearly, Something Is Wrong With Me

I bought a case of emergency food from a company that makes food for disaster preparation. When I bought these things, it because I wanted to do some research for a novel. That was all fine, and I’ve learned a lot, but now I’m eating them just for fun. Even now, I’m enjoying the electrolyte […]

Celeres Nexus Pro 2007-04-20

Quick Links for Today:

Advil on Ash Wednesday

Today’s Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. It’s also the beginning of what’s become an annual caffeine withdrawal headache. The things I do for penance…

Man, What an Idea

Who invented noodles? No, seriously, think about this for a second. Somebody at the dawn of time said, “Okay, we’ve got this wheat. Which is good. I like the wheat. But it would be better if we ground it up, added some kind of binding agent, and then formed it into long strings.” It worked […]