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Happy [Belated] Father’s Day!

I know this is a few days late, but this meditation has been brewing all weekend through my busy, hectic workdays and my dear husband’s slow ones. But this is not for him Ė he already got the Star Wars trilogy for Father’s Day and one custom card complete with a hand-drawn Darth Vader from […]

Advil on Ash Wednesday

Today’s Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. It’s also the beginning of what’s become an annual caffeine withdrawal headache. The things I do for penance…

Memorial Day

Don’t Cheer Don’t cheer, damn you! Don’t cheer! Silence! Your bitterest tear Is fulsomely sweet to-day. . . . Down on your knees and pray. See, they sing as they go, Marching row upon row. Who will be spared to return, Sombre and starkly stern? Chaps whom we knew – s0 strange, Distant and dark […]

Pentecost Novena

As we celebrate today the Solemnity of the Ascension, we likewise commemorate the first novena. After the Ascension the Apostles gathered together with the Blessed Virgin, praying nine days until the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Church recalls this event with a novena, especially that novena promoted by Pope Leo XIII for the reunification […]

Newman Club: Holy Land Collection

During the Easter Triduum, the University Newman Clubs will be collecting donations to support the Christian communities and sacred places of the Holy Land. As we enter the holiest time of the year, it is important to remember our Christian brethren in the Holy Land, who are living and working in the very place of […]