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Memorial Day

Don’t Cheer

Don’t cheer, damn you! Don’t cheer!
Silence! Your bitterest tear
Is fulsomely sweet to-day. . . .
Down on your knees and pray.

See, they sing as they go,
Marching row upon row.
Who will be spared to return,
Sombre and starkly stern?
Chaps whom we knew – s0 strange,
Distant and dark with change;
Silent as those they slew,
Something in them dead too.
Who will return this way,
To sing as they sing to-day.

Send to the glut of the guns
Bravest and best of you sons.
Hurl a million to slaughter,
Blood flowing like Thames water;
Pile up pyramid high
Your dead to the anguished sky;
A monument down all time
Of hate and horror and crime.
Weep, rage, pity, curse, fear –
Anything, but . . . don’t cheer.

Sow to the ploughing guns
Seed of your splendid sons.
Let your heroic slain
Richly manure the plain.
What will the harvest be?
Unborn of Unborn will see. . . .

Dark is the sky and drear. . . .
For the pity of God don’t cheer.
Dark and dread is their way.
Who sing as they march to-day. . . .
Humble your hearts and pray.

– Robert Service

Buttons (Still) Needed For St. Blog’s Parish Aggregator, Blog List, and Web Ring

Calling all artsy folks in St. Blog’s Parish!

The Catholic Blogs and Resources page, St. Blog’s Parish Aggregator, and St. Blog’s Parish Web Ring are in need of promotional buttons. They should be at least 100px by 100px and no larger than 135px wide by 170px tall. Designs should be simple, elegant, and not based on any copyrighted images or phrases. An example from which to draw inspiration would be the Firefox and Thunderbird logos. I don’t want to offer any more suggestions for fear of stifling creativity.

I really have no way of rewarding the artist whose design is picked except in the form of attribution and gratitude. Are there any kind souls out there who’d be interested in helping out with this?

Here are some submissions we’ve already received:


Newman Club: Holy Land Collection

During the Easter Triduum, the University Newman Clubs will be collecting donations to support the Christian communities and sacred places of the Holy Land. As we enter the holiest time of the year, it is important to remember our Christian brethren in the Holy Land, who are living and working in the very place of Our Lord’s life, passion, and resurrection. All of the money collected will be used to assist in the preservation and protection of the sacred shrines of the Holy Land, and to assist our fellow Catholics living in the birthplace of Christianity.

If you would like to contribute, cash donations can be given to any Newman Club officer after any of the remaining Holy Week events at CMU, or left at the front desk of the Newman Center. If leaving a donation at the Newman Center, please mark the envelope with “Newman Club Holy Land Collection” or something similar, so we know what it’s for. All monetary donations will be forwarded to St. Paul Cathedral by Steven Kesslar, the Pitt Newman Club VP, on Monday.

In Christ,
Tracy Llenos
CMU Newman Club Secretary