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Crappy Art

I anxiously await PittGirl's witty retort to this…um…art.

Memorial Day

Don’t Cheer Don’t cheer, damn you! Don’t cheer! Silence! Your bitterest tear Is fulsomely sweet to-day. . . . Down on your knees and pray. See, they sing as they go, Marching row upon row. Who will be spared to return, Sombre and starkly stern? Chaps whom we knew – s0 strange, Distant and dark […]

Examination of Conscience

"Search thine own heart.  What paineth thee In others in thyself may be; All dust is frail, all flesh is weak; Be thou the true man thou dost seek!" – from "The Chapel of the Hermits" by John Greenleaf Whittier

Buttons (Still) Needed For St. Blogís Parish Aggregator, Blog List, and Web Ring

Calling all artsy folks in St. Blog’s Parish! The Catholic Blogs and Resources page, St. Blog’s Parish Aggregator, and St. Blog’s Parish Web Ring are in need of promotional buttons. They should be at least 100px by 100px and no larger than 135px wide by 170px tall. Designs should be simple, elegant, and not based […]

Newman Club: Holy Land Collection

During the Easter Triduum, the University Newman Clubs will be collecting donations to support the Christian communities and sacred places of the Holy Land. As we enter the holiest time of the year, it is important to remember our Christian brethren in the Holy Land, who are living and working in the very place of […]