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Crappy Art

I anxiously await PittGirl's witty retort to this…um…art.

Offensive Statue #2

Hot on the heels of one controversial pro-life statue, we have another. “A SCULPTURE OF the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, proposed as a ‘memorial for the victims of abortion’ at Villanova University, has upset some students, including some who oppose abortion.” […] “Pro-life freshman Clint Gilliam agrees with the concept of the statue, but […]

Maybe the Pro-Life Movement Doesn’t Need a Monument After All

Uhhh…OK…This just has to be seen to be believed. Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston Here’s an interview with the artist.

Art and the “Jesus Event”

“An artwork that shows Star Wars characters nailed to crosses has sparked controversy before its public debut at a Melbourne gallery in two weeks. The Herald-Sun reports that the controversial piece called Crusci-fiction consists of a roomful of 25 replicas of robot C3P0 hanging on crosses.” At first I didn’t react very strongly to this […]

Our Lady of the Parkway

Most of the content in Pittsburgh City Paper is a bit raw, but this article is interesting and respectful. Mass Transit My office looks out over I-376 to the hill next to Bates Street. During the winter, I noticed wooden crosses and a white sculpture that looked like the Virgin Mary on the hillside. What […]