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“Is the Catholic Church who she claims to be?”

From Al Kimel, the Pontificator: The Salty Vicar has published the following letter he recently received from an individual inquiring into the Episcopal Church: I am seeking to learn more about the Episcopalian Church. I am currently taking RCIA classes at my local Catholic church and want badly to convert but am assailed with doubts […]

Mad Props to St. David

I’m of Welsh descent, so this story caught my attention. (Fedora Tip: Connexions) "Wales has the perfect excuse for a triple celebration of St David’s Day this year. The traditional festivities…will be on 1 March as usual. But a clash with a major Christian festival means the [Anglican] Church in Wales has moved its celebrations […]

John Henry Newman on Faith (and Doubt)

Today, Pontificator posts an 1848 letter of John Henry Cardinal Newman to one Mrs. Froude, which reflects deeply on conversion and faith. It resonated with me as one in the midst of a not altogether smooth conversion to a church that audaciously claims it is the One and Only Church founded by Christ from a […]

A Very Fair Trade

"While Anglicans — especially Anglican bishops or priests — becoming Roman Catholic after disagreeing with their community’s stands on ordaining women or openly gay men has made news, the movement of Catholic priests and laity to Anglicanism seldom makes headlines." …. "Anglicans who become Roman Catholic generally become very conservative [orthodox] Roman Catholics, while Roman […]

Where Am I Going…

…and why am I in a handbasket? Bad Idea #1 Bad Idea #2 (Fedora Tip to Connexions for both)