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How to De-Convert Yourself from Christianity

Over on†Pharyngula, PZ Myers posted a link to “How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian.” I read the article and was surprised to find so much good advice that anyone who actually follows it will likely never succeed. For example, the very first piece of advice:
Most Atheists are highly intelligent. Probably better educated than […]

Fulton Sheen Live…ish

The late Archbishop Fulton Sheen rocks. I really hope his cause for canonization succeeds. If you’re a fan of Sheen and can’t get enough of his fantastic Christ-centered orations or just wonder who the heck he was, be sure to check out FultonSheen.com. There you’ll find streaming audio and downloadable mp3s.

Ipsane Res Loquitur?

My atheist buddy Peter (who long-time readers might remember as Theomorph) has provided a lot of food for thought recently. I’d like to know what my theist readers think of his ruminations.

Don’t Pray For Peter

Here’s an interesting exchange between Peter (aka Theomorph) and a commenter about the efficacy of intercessory prayer. “I still think that so long as anyone believes in the same God who made an appearance in the book of Job, the idea of prayer getting a person what he or she wants is theologically unsound. If […]

“Is the Catholic Church who she claims to be?”

From Al Kimel, the Pontificator: The Salty Vicar has published the following letter he recently received from an individual inquiring into the Episcopal Church: I am seeking to learn more about the Episcopalian Church. I am currently taking RCIA classes at my local Catholic church and want badly to convert but am assailed with doubts […]