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Fun Poster

This poster is awesome. Okay, yeah, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Franklin probably were not thorough atheists, but they certainly had the fortitude to reject religious claims based on their own reasoned analysis. Darwin probably wouldn’t classify as a thorough atheist either, but he recognized the value of skepticism, too.

Good enough for these idiots.

The lesson to take is that you don’t have to fall lock-step into any religious tradition to be a great person or do great things. Exercise your own mind and never underestimate your own ability to see through the lies of others, even when they tell them forcefully, with great conviction. And watch out, because you might be lying to yourself, too.

Found via Pharyngula.

Of Atheists and Crackers

Need a demonstration of the fallen nature of man? You’re looking at him. Syndicating Peter’s post linking to P.Z. Myers’ screed about the Eucharist being just a cracker royally offended good friend, frequent commenter, and occasional blogger, Stuff. As a form of public penance, here are links to some Catholic discussion of Myers’ and his rabid rants.:

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State Religion

A blogger syndicated here, Peter Wall, is upset that an atheist soldier has been the recipient of harassment by Christians in the military. While I agree that such behavior poorly represents Christ to the world and is inexcusable, I’m more frightened and annoyed by this quote from Michael Weinstein, a retired senior Air Force officer and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation:

“Our Pentagon, our Pentacostalgon, is refusing to realize that when you put the uniform on, there’s only one religious faith: patriotism.”

The State giveth and the State taketh away. Blessed be the State!


“An Atheist In Our Country Is An Enemy”

Jeremy Hall, a soldier with no religious beliefs is suing the Department of Defense for discrimination based on his irreligion. He said “there is a pattern of discrimination against non-Christians in the military.”

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How to De-Convert Yourself from Christianity

NOTA BENE: The purpose of syndicating this pro-atheism post is to solicit civil and intelligent rebuttals from the capable apologists in my readership. Peter is a pretty reasonable guy and will response politely if addressed politely. I encourage folks to make the case for Christ in a manner consistent with His teachings. – Funky

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