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Adamís Atheism Discussion

My brother has decided to stir up discussion on atheism, starting from two statements, neither of which he personally endorses (so far as I know), but both of which are commonly expressed by people who oppose (and, in my opinion, completely misunderstand) atheism:
(1) Atheism is ridiculous.
(2) Atheism is faith.
Visit his blog and join the conversation.

God to Make Dawkins Hypothesis

This is part three of a series on Richard Dawkins The God Delusion. I am writing a running commentary on the book as I read it, more or less.Part I: Starting “The God Delusion”Part II: A Deep AtheistIn the second chapter, Dawkins explicitly sets out hi…

A Deep Atheist

In the first chapter (of The God Delusion), Dawkins delineates the religion of Einstein and other scientists who use the word God in a metaphoric, pantheistic, or literary sense (p. 19) and the religion of the ďsupernaturalistsĒ (p. 13) who use the…

Starting “The God Delusion”

I started reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins on the train going home on 23 April 2008. I plan to write a running commentary about each section. I wonder if I can really do it, especially before the book it due from the library (Iím definitel…

Religion Beyond Dawkins

As was said in previous posts, Dawkins does not venture past superficial explanations or observations that cannot be necessarily proved (since he is using data outside of his empirical domain). As a consequence of this impedance, C. Hitchens has said i…