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Explàrrogance and the Modified Toddler Theory

The next thing on my to-do list is to read four books in this order: (1) Your God is Too Small by J.B. Phillips, (2) The God Delusion by R. Dawkins, (3) What’s So Great About Christianity by D. D’Souza, and (4) God is Not Great by C. Hitchens. I ha…

Why are Atheists Militant?

My wife’s cousin visited us today. I was telling her about my new blog and that I was hoping to have people challenge my positions and beliefs.We got on the topic of Militant Atheists led by Dawkins and Chris Hitchens. I told her that I listened to …

Ipsane Res Loquitur?

My atheist buddy Peter (who long-time readers might remember as Theomorph) has provided a lot of food for thought recently. I’d like to know what my theist readers think of his ruminations.

Don’t Pray For Peter

Here’s an interesting exchange between Peter (aka Theomorph) and a commenter about the efficacy of intercessory prayer. “I still think that so long as anyone believes in the same God who made an appearance in the book of Job, the idea of prayer getting a person what he or she wants is theologically unsound. If […]

Faith Healing

Prayer might not aid healing, but apparently regular church attendance increases life expectancy. I’m sure tomorrow there’ll be new studies with opposite findings to both. *rolls eyes*