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Don’t Pray For Peter

Here’s an interesting exchange between Peter (aka Theomorph) and a commenter about the efficacy of intercessory prayer. “I still think that so long as anyone believes in the same God who made an appearance in the book of Job, the idea of prayer getting a person what he or she wants is theologically unsound. If […]

Faith Healing

Prayer might not aid healing, but apparently regular church attendance increases life expectancy. I’m sure tomorrow there’ll be new studies with opposite findings to both. *rolls eyes*

Healing Prayers

"In churches, mosques, ashrams, ‘healing rooms,’ prayer groups and homes nationwide, millions of Americans offer prayers daily to heal themselves, family, friends, co-workers and even people found through the Internet. Fueled by the upsurge in religious expression in the United States, prayer is the most common complement to mainstream medicine, far outpacing acupuncture, herbs, vitamins […]

Placebo Prayer

I find scientific studies of the healing effects of prayers fascinating. Atheists like Theomorph probably harrumph and bury themselves in the latest issue of Skeptical Inquirer upon hearing the topic mentioned. 😉 (That’s just a friendly tease, Big Guy)