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“This is for the ones standing up to the system”

I interpret the “it” in this song as our republic and the “head cornerstone” as the Constitution.

Cornerstone by the Have Nots

This is for the ones standing up to the system
Yeah you know who you are, stay on point with the mission
Look to the left, the right, it all seems the same
Everybody’s pointing fingers in a blame game
And it’s a crying shame theres no change, just strain
It’s like we’re all in such a rush to flush it all down the drain
We gotta take it down brick by brick until we find the head cornerstone
We gotta polish it up ’til it shines like it once shone.

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Music Making Me Mad

Moments ago I was sitting in my boss’ office waiting for him to finish some math for a paper we’re writing. He’s a big classical music fan and often listens to a local station streamed over the net. As I sat there, effectively alone with my thoughts, I realized something about my feelings toward classical music. I realized that unless a piece fits into the narrow category of styles I like, it drives me nuts. What I mean is that being forced to sit through a classical piece that I find boring or annoying, feel agitated, aggressive, belligerent, impatient, intolerant, and infuriated. So much for the aphorism’s claim that music calms the savage beast. Apparently, most classical music makes me a savage beast.

Now, these feelings aren’t remotely similar to how Rage Against the Machine and other anger anthem bands make me feel. I like how that stuff gets my blood pumping. “Bad” classical music makes me uncomfortable in a way best compared to having to pee really bad, having an unreachable itch, or being forced to stay awake when you’re beyond exhausted. “Get me out of here! Make it stop! Turn it off! Don’t make me turn it off for you!!!” So screams my mind.

Weird, huh?

Main Stream Media’s Motu Proprio Improprieties

I’ve been rather hesitant to say anything whatsoever about the recently released motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, which allows for more liberal use of the Tridentine mass (in its 1962 form). I figured I had little to say that wouldn’t be said by others with greater eloquence. However, in the last few days I’ve read a number of articles that repeat common myths regarding the Roman mass in both its older and newer forms, and they’ve annoyed me sufficiently to provoke me to write (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). Someone may have already written or will write a better correction. If anyone happens upon one, let your fellow readers know by leaving a comment.

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Romito Brothers Band at Town Tavern Tonight

A buddy of mine’s band is competing in a battle of the bands. Tonight they’ll be playing at Town Tavern. Here’s more info:

The Romito Brothers Band formed in the fall of 2004 while Dante and Michael were both students at the University of Pittsburgh. The brothers jammed in a band together, along with bassist Tom Smith . The three spent the next two years writing songs and learning covers, but were still in need of a drummer. Recently Rich Bono joined the band on drums, completing the band’s lineup. Influences of the Romito Brothers include Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Barenaked Ladies, and many more. The brothers are currently working on CD, and hope to release it in the summer of 2007.

The Town Tavern and 105.9 The X are hosting our first annual Battle of the Cover Bands! The X is looking for any bands that are interested in playing the music that inspired them to form a band. They also want to hear some of the bands original music! This is the first time the Town Tavern is doing anything with live music.

The contest is arranged as follows: each band in the preliminary rounds will play a 25 minute set. Fifteen of those minutes are required to be covers of popular songs. The ten minutes remaining are left to the discretion of the bands. One winner from each night will go on to compete in the finals

They are judging this competition through three factors. Crowd noise is going to play a huge part in winning each night. They want to hear the band’s fans cheering and try to get the other band’s fans into it as well. They want to hear everyone in the building singing along to all the songs. They will be counting which fan is showing up for what band. Lastly, the X’s dj the Whipping Boy will be serving as a judge.