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Memorial Day

Don’t Cheer Don’t cheer, damn you! Don’t cheer! Silence! Your bitterest tear Is fulsomely sweet to-day. . . . Down on your knees and pray. See, they sing as they go, Marching row upon row. Who will be spared to return, Sombre and starkly stern? Chaps whom we knew – s0 strange, Distant and dark […]

Examination of Conscience

"Search thine own heart.  What paineth thee In others in thyself may be; All dust is frail, all flesh is weak; Be thou the true man thou dost seek!" – from "The Chapel of the Hermits" by John Greenleaf Whittier

Goodbye, Good Friend

A recent post by a friend of mine brought back a painful memory. "When I was 14, just a little over two months before [Rob] would have graduated from high school, he was killed. I hadn’t talked to him for some time when I just had this overwhelming need to call. His mom answered the […]

Immigration Debate

I’ve been doing a little thinking about the current immigration debate. The two main lines of argument that seem to be dominating discussions are as follows (in broad strokes). Illegal immigrants are hard workers who just want a piece of the American pie and are willing to do jobs that Americans aren’t willing to do. […]

My First ESV Review: Psalm 51

I haven’t received my free ESV Bible yet, but I thought I’d get the review ball rolling anyhow. I’ll start off with something easy – Psalm 51. It’s my favorite psalm and may even be my favorite bit of Scripture. I’ll review the lexical and grammatical choices made in translating this chapter. Below is the […]