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Maybe Next Time

This is disappointing, if you are hoping the United States will not slip into fascism:
Three years ago, Congress gave Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff an unusual power to “waive all legal requirements” that could stand in the way of building the fence. These requirements included the nation’s environmental protection laws. The same congressional action took […]

This is What is Wrong with America

We have immigration policies that, when enacted into law and enforced by the government, come to results that are not just absurd, but which ought to shock the conscience:
[Arthur] Mkoyan, who has a grade-point average above 4.0—extra credit for Advanced Placement classes makes that possible—is set to graduate next week from Bullard High School in […]

What about the Rest of the First Amendment?

Last night, people in Fresno decided to “flex political muscle” by walking through the streets in a throng:
They were marching through the heart of Downtown Fresno to demand immigration reform.
. . . The message; today we march, tomorrow we vote.
Many marchers also came to protest recent raids in Valley communities, like Mendota, where federal agents […]

Immigration Debate

I’ve been doing a little thinking about the current immigration debate. The two main lines of argument that seem to be dominating discussions are as follows (in broad strokes). Illegal immigrants are hard workers who just want a piece of the American pie and are willing to do jobs that Americans aren’t willing to do. […]