Finally, I’ve Won Something

ESV logoI’ve
been randomly selected to receive a free copy of an ESV Bible.
🙂 I’ll likely
be posting short reviews of it from time to time. If I like it, I’ll push for a
version with the deutercanonical books included.

BTW, here’s
Adrian’s ESV meta-post

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  1. From Ales Rarus - A Rare Bird, A Strange Duck, One Funky Blog » My First ESV Review: Psalm 51 on 24 Mar 2006 at 1:42 pm

    […] I haven’t received my free ESV Bible yet, but I thought I’d get the review ball rolling anyhow. I’ll start off with something easy – Psalm 51. It’s my favorite psalm and may even be my favorite bit of Scripture. I’ll review the lexical and grammatical choices made in translating this chapter. Below is the psalm from the RSV (my favorite translation), the ESV, and the NAB (the officially endorsed Catholic translation in the U.S. and a example of banality raised to an artform). […]

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