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Welcome Back to the Fifth Grade

You know why “political” types bother me? Because they don’t care about real political issues, such as solving social, legislative, or public policy problems. All they care about is their stupid game.
For instance, consider the bloggers discussed in this post over at Threat Level on Wired:
Liberal bloggers are expressing outrage over Barack Obama’s appearance this […]

Blogfest 12

I attended Blogfest 12 tonight. Also in attendance was Andrew Stockey of WTAE. I took the opportunity to show my geek credentials by capturing webcam video of Andrew’s cameraman capturing video for a story. Unfortunately, the audio level was set too high, so the video isn’t fun to listen to. It’ll be good for some […]

Five Years Already?

Happy fifth blog anniversary to me. πŸ™‚ Here’s how it all began.

2007 Catholic Blog Award Nominations

It’s nearly time for the 2007 Catholic Blog Awards and nominations are being accepted through Friday (02/09) *hint* *hint* πŸ˜‰

Do I Really Have to Love Spammers?

I’m supposed to love my enemies, and spammers are enemies, so I guess I have to love them. Crap. Why, Lord, why? Spammers are so evil. *sigh* The related problems of spam and splogs have been getting worse recently. I’ve had to up the security ante. Here’s a list of the anti-spam plugins I’m using. […]