Welcome Back to the Fifth Grade

You know why “political” types bother me? Because they don’t care about real political issues, such as solving social, legislative, or public policy problems. All they care about is their stupid game.

For instance, consider the bloggers discussed in this post over at Threat Level on Wired:

Liberal bloggers are expressing outrage over Barack Obama’s appearance this weekend on Fox News, accusing the Democratic presidential front-runner of kowtowing to the network’s conservative viewers, and throwing his online supporters to the wolves.

. . .

“This will likely further dismay liberal bloggers who had worked very hard to get Dems to boycott Fox as a way of delegitimizing the network and who already criticized Obama for agreeing to appear in the first place[.]”

. . .

“By going on Fox News, Obama made the right-wing press legitimate,” wrote Daily Kos diarist “Bonddad” Sunday morning. “Simply put, I cannot vote or support anyone who participates in this medium.”

Those are not substantive complaints. Those bloggers are not talking about reality. They are talking about making moves in their stupid game in the parallel playing field that calls itself “politics” but which has nothing to do with politics. It’s more like religion or tribalism. It’s not a discourse on how best to govern our nation or a conversation about the public interest. It’s a game. A stupid game.

And it’s a dangerous game because it prevents people from recognizing that taking sides in the Epic Battle of the Political Parties will not get anything done. Ever.

Why should it matter if Barack Obama does an interview for Fox News? Those angry liberals certainly wouldn’t complain if he did an interview with a blatantly biased leftist organization. What, so they prefer candidates that play petty games like “boycotting” Fox News? Are we in the fifth grade here?

If you want to know what’s wrong with America, that could be part of it.

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