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Blogfest 12

a still from a video of a videoI attended Blogfest 12 tonight. Also in attendance was Andrew Stockey of WTAE. I took the opportunity to show my geek credentials by capturing webcam video of Andrew’s cameraman capturing video for a story. Unfortunately, the audio level was set too high, so the video isn’t fun to listen to. It’ll be good for some stills, though. The only video clip I’ll likely upload is of Andrew’s multiple takes for a teaser.

Welcome Post-Gazette Readers! :)

picture of Eric Williams and Rob Carr by Alyssa CwangerI mentioned yesterday that an article about Pittsburgh BlogFest 3 was forthcoming. I had no idea it would appear so soon. Nor did I know that I was going to feature so prominently. *blush* I also had no idea they'd use such an unflattering picture. 😉

To those who are reading my stuff for the first time I offer a hearty welcome. For more information about me and my blog, go here. Comments are appreciated and encouraged. 🙂

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