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Do I Really Have to Love Spammers?

I’m supposed to love my enemies, and spammers are enemies, so I guess I have to love them. Crap. Why, Lord, why? Spammers are so evil. *sigh* The related problems of spam and splogs have been getting worse recently. I’ve had to up the security ante. Here’s a list of the anti-spam plugins I’m using. […]

Leeching and Scraping

Those WordPress users interested in stopping sploggers and their ilk from scraping/leeching their content might like this plugin. AntiLeech helps prevent content theft by sploggers. AntiLeech does not prevent the splogger bots from accessing your site. It produces a fake set of content especially for them that includes links back to your site (and mine, […]

Scalia’s Sicilian Salute to Spammers

OK, so Justice Scalia was gesturing to reporters, a subspecies of homo sapiens slightly less annoying and more evolved than spammers. Still, the gesture sums up neatly my feeling about spammers, especially now that Blue Security has wussed out. "Israeli anti-spam firm Blue Security is ceasing operations after a crippling series of attacks launched against […]

Spammers Disprove Evolution

No, the title of this post does not mean that I’ve joined either the Creationist or ID camps. However, spammers certainly seem to be an evolutionary step backwards. It’s a shame spamming doesn’t give one leprosy. At least that would reduce their chances of reproducing. Antispam list gets spammed "They may’ve signed up for the […]

WordPress Spam

Jerry has informed me that he’s been getting some rather nasty porn spam that’s supposedly coming from this blog.  If anyone else has received any spam from wordpress@[this domain], please let me know. God help the first spammer I meet in person…