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Too Weird For Words

From time to time I get bizarre email. Some of it is from Fundies giving me a “drive-by” Bible-thumping. Some is from Muslims trying to enlighten me. Most is spam. Occasionally, though, I get a message that I just can’t quite classify. It’s something so strange that it just has to be shared with the world. In that spirit, I give you the email “drinkme” by “super genius from outer space”.

“A conduct can be pathological or non pathological (phisiological), no
external or middle case is expected. 90% of the people who killed a parent
is declared mentally healthful, this means: non pathological conduct,
phisiological conduct (genetic or non genetic), good doctor, not ‘infected

“Medicine is an exact science, jurisprudence is an exact science. Enemies and
friends, of the mental hygiene only : war between doctors isn’t expected
value; Fighting with islam against the devil : announcing this obvious
information could save some health.
Siegmund Freud lies not knowing to be lying: he is a conceptual pedophile
who says children has sexual attraction for parent (edipus) and that mind is
partitioned in 3 parts (ego superego es). False premiss brings wrong result:
like Freud says, cognitive error is associated with pathological conduct,
biological group self-destructive activity.
‘Your parent acts with you like with friends’: the medical doctor must
suggest this or enhanced reflection to the habitants, for excluding
non-genetic behavioral epidemics. Slapping child is a crime and a mania,
like by the general rule, ‘if child doesn’t born genetically stupid,
handicapped, diseased, socially dangerous’. Habitants of the planet kill
gays but children don’t born gays, habitants corrupt and kill children doing
a ‘sacrifice to the devil’: this non genetic epidemic is familiarly but not
geneticaly transmitted.”

“With baptism christians forgive themselfs from god’s sentence.
If vegetarian diet gives longer and better life than non-vegetarian diet,
non-vegetarian diet is alimentary behavior pathology. Eating another
human is a behavioral disturb; a cow has 96,5% dna perfectly matching
with human dna. I am racist: i think animals is inferior race, so i don’t
have to eat cadavers, thing that induce a phisiological genetic reflex :

“You are authorized by the author to the use u think is necessary, pls
forward. This is a final version or close, you will be excluded from future

The last bit really caught my attention. This bad acid trip is somebody’s idea of a final version. What of, I do not know.



"An Internet troll is a person who sends duplicitous messages to get angry responses. The term derives from the phrase "trolling for suckers" and ultimately from trolling for fish. The term is frequently abused to slander opponents in heated debates and is frequently misapplied to those who are ignorant of etiquette." – Wikipedia

I didn’t like trolls when I dabbled in Usenet, nor did I like them back in IRC‘s hayday. I’m even less fond of them when they pontificate in my comments. >:{

On the other hand, attracting gadflies could be taken as a sign of moving up in the blogosphere.

Funky’s First Law of Blogging: "You’re doing something right if trolls think you’re important enough to annoy."

There might be more laws someday. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. 😉

P.S. *plonk*