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Back For More

"Ales Rarus is out [of my list of notable Pittsburgh bloggers]. I just find his prattling about the nuances of his fantasy belief system to be really uninteresting….[H]is site is just about as interesting as someone who writes about Hobbits everyday or the Great Pumpkin, which is to say not interesting at all." – Philip Shropshire

At least that’s what my favorite troll said a couple months ago. It seems he just couldn’t stay away, though.

"Searching for a respectful eulogy [of John Paull II]? Then I would look at choir boy faced Ales Rarus (He’ll ban your contraception but, hey, he’s a guy who talks to God so he knows best lil’ ladies…). Here’s a predictably glowing excerpt praising God’s top personal assistant:"

He goes on to mention a papal post on another Christian blog, Unspace, for which he has considerably more respect. It struck me as pretty balanced, fair, and respectful, especially given that it’s written by a non-Catholic. I’ll have to take a closer look at Unspace and see what it’s all about and why Mr. Shropshire likes it so much.

I must confess I have ulterior motive for investigating Unspace as well. Later this week, Rob and I will be participating in a blogcast hosted by Mike at Pittsburgh Webloggers. Stay tuned for details….



"An Internet troll is a person who sends duplicitous messages to get angry responses. The term derives from the phrase "trolling for suckers" and ultimately from trolling for fish. The term is frequently abused to slander opponents in heated debates and is frequently misapplied to those who are ignorant of etiquette." – Wikipedia

I didn’t like trolls when I dabbled in Usenet, nor did I like them back in IRC‘s hayday. I’m even less fond of them when they pontificate in my comments. >:{

On the other hand, attracting gadflies could be taken as a sign of moving up in the blogosphere.

Funky’s First Law of Blogging: "You’re doing something right if trolls think you’re important enough to annoy."

There might be more laws someday. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. 😉

P.S. *plonk*