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Who Won the Debate?

Unlike all the pundits, I have the definitive answer.

Obviously, __________ won the debate because he showed that he will be a __________ leader. __________ spent the whole time __________ing __________ and __________ing the questions. __________ showed that he __________ what we need for America in these __________ times. If you are looking for someone who is __________ and __________, with the ability to __________ when __________, then clearly, based on last night’s debate, __________ is your man.

How the Hole was Dug

If you, like me, are trying to wrap your head around the causes of the current financial crisis, you might find this presentation helpful (crude language warning). It’s a Google Docs slideshow with humorous stick figures talking to each other. But you know how sometimes you laugh at Dilbert strips and think, “Ha-ha! I know jerks like that”? You may feel the same way about this one. Except these jerks brought our economy to its knees.

WTF?! Wednesday: DIY Edition

It’s been a very long few days and due to the cloudiness of my brain from pain medicine, difficulty sleeping, ankle pain, and general WTF?!  of the 7 days, I can’t even muster the mental acumen to coherently rant about things that are on my nerves this week.  Shocking, I know.  So you’ll have to wait to hear me twitch over Celebrity Circus (though, I have to admit, that Silks performance that Antonio Sabato Jr. did was hot, y’all), The Hoff’s constant choking on the foot in his mouth on America’s Got Talent, and the annoyingly obvious formulaic nature of most reality shows on TV.  And don’t even get me started on the Baby Borrowers (I hate reality TV… why am I watching these things to begin with?! I’m blaming it on the pain meds).  But all of that will have to wait until it no longer feels like I’m thinking through molasses.

So instead of a rant today, you get a smattering of  optical illusions to torture yourselves with.  Have at it!

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