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Star Wars + Bar Review = HyperNerd

The best part about this articleis the picture at the top, in which George Lucas is seen wearing a “Han Shot First” t-shirt. Brilliant. (Also, “Han” is in the picture.)
For those not in on the joke, it’s based on a famous scene in Star Wars (aka Episode IV aka A New Hope aka Star Wars: […]

Libertarians at Sea?

A bunch of geeks are apparently trying to upstage the Free State Project. Silicon Valley Nerds Plan Sea-Based Utopian Country to Call Their Own “A group of super-rich Silicon Valley nerds are sick of the man keeping them down. That’s why they’re planning to create their own sea-based country made up of floating structures that […]

I Prefer “Geek”

Thanks, A Saintly Salmagundi, for sharing this with your readers. I’m not sure I really trust the results, though. I’m far too lazy to be a nerd. 😉