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Sometimes It’s Fun To Be an Oddball

I love shattering expectations. πŸ™‚ The Falsifier You scored 52% individualism, 32% fatalism, 52% hierarchy, and 52% egalitarianism! Congratualtions, you are helping to disprove Cultural Theory! Cultural Theory argues that each person will adhere to one, or possibly two, of the basic cultures. The other viewpoints will sound insane or incoherent. Because you agree with […]

Biography Game

We all want the people we read about to be somebody else. Suppose you could choose somebody to write your biography. It can be any person currently alive, except for people who have met you. These days it’s hard to define "met you," so I’ll define it as making eye contact. For extra fun, neither […]

Morals in Politics

Seemingly based on the Libertarian Party's political quiz, this Moral Politics quiz plots your position on a map whose axes are moral order (x) and moral rules (y). Like any such quiz, it oversimplifies matters, but it's entertaining none the less. I like that I score as the party-less centrist I am. (HT:I Am a […]

I Prefer “Geek”

Thanks, A Saintly Salmagundi, for sharing this with your readers. I’m not sure I really trust the results, though. I’m far too lazy to be a nerd. πŸ˜‰

What’s Your Worldview?

Connexions points to a quiz that tells you how biblical your worldview is (in the eyes of the folks at WorldviewWeekend.com). Like most quizzes, more questions are begged than asked, but I still found it interesting. I have semi-frequent contact with fundamentalists, so I’m familiar with the worldview the test’s authors champion. Being able to […]