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Farewell, Dear O

One of my friends told me about the closing of a restaurant in Pittsburgh affectionately known as The O. I meant to blog about it at the time, but put it off because I didn’t quite know what to say. There’s never a good time to say these things, or an easy way to say […]

Blak Schmak

I’ve noticed some of the blogs I read getting excited about Coke Blak. It’s a coffee-infused soda that Coca-Cola will be bringing to various markets in 2006. People are talking about it like it’s a new thing that nobody’s tried. They’re wrong. Those of us who lived in the Philly area between 1994 and 1996 […]


I know I blogged about this ages ago, but it’s worth revisiting. After all the red stave versus blue state shenanigans, it’s nice to fight over something that really matters – soda versus pop. (Thanks, Jimmy Akin) Thou shalt say “soda”, not “pop”. Thus saith the Funky One. Here endeth the lesson.

Beer Geology 101

This is an interesting article about how geological conditions affect the chemistry of beer-making. At first, I thought it might be a joke, since the author’s last name is Maltman.

Bruegger’s Bagels Uses Fair Trade Coffee

I have a night class on Tuesdays that is infinitely more bearable when I have some coffee in me right before the class starts. I noted with pleasure that Bruegger’s Bagels is now using only fair trade coffee at their stores now. Traditionally, coffee beans are bought from farmers at a dirt-cheap price, and then […]