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Investigating NFP: How Effective is It?

You know what they call people who use Catholic-Church-Approved methods of birth control? “Parents” – comment on a Championable post Boy, I’d love to have a dollar for every time I’ve heard that. Studies have been done before that have shown the periodic abstinence aspect of NFP to be as effective or more effective than […]

Mangling, Mishandling, and Misrepresentation of Science in the Plan B Debate (Part I)

In an effort to inform people that the Journal of Medical Ethics needs greater scrutiny in the peer review process, I’ve been scouring the net for mentions of "rhythm method", "Plan B", "embryo death", "Bovens", and related topics. In the process, I have come across some startling bad statements regarding the scientific study of fertility […]

Investigating NFP: The Great Embryo Killer? (Part II)

Read Part I of "The Great Embryo Killer?" Having used what he believes to be sound reasoning to implicate NFP in avoidable embryo deaths, he then entertains some possible pro-life responses. Since there’s little actual reasoning in Bovens arguements, I’d just as soon skip his charicatures of pro-life rebuttals. However, since they involve subtle changes […]

Investigating NFP: The Great Embryo Killer? (Part I)

[Errors in my arguments were fixed and additional material was added after initial publication. – Funky] St. Blog’s Parish will soon be all aflutter with news that Luc Bovens, a professor of philosophy at the London School of Economics, has written an article ("The rhythm method and embryonic death", J Med Ethics 32: 355-356) that […]

Investigating NFP: Ignorance

Via the Natural Family Planning Discussion Board, here's a classic example of the general public's ignorance regarding NFP: "How long is the Legislature of Nebraska going to do the bidding of the Vatican as expressed by the paid lobbyist of the Roman Catholic Church — Greg Schleppenbach — and the mouthpiece of the same church, […]