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Plan B: Literature Review (Part II)

The first post in this series can be found here.

Last time I looked at a couple literature reviews about the methods of action of Plan B emergency contraception (levonorgestrel, LNG). This time I’m presenting On the the mechanisms of action of short-term levonorgestrel administration in emergency contraception (Durand, et al., 2001)

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Investigating NFP: The Great Embryo Killer? (Part I)

[Errors in my arguments were fixed and additional material was added after initial publication. – Funky]

St. Blog’s Parish will soon be all aflutter with news that Luc Bovens, a professor of philosophy at the London School of Economics, has written an article ("The rhythm method and embryonic death", J Med Ethics 32: 355-356) that links the use of the "rhythm method" with embryonic death, i.e. early miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. (Fedora Tip: UnSpace)

"Some proponents of the pro-life movement argue against morning after pills, IUDs, and contraceptive pills on grounds of a concern for causing embryonic death. What has gone unnoticed, however, is that the pro-life line of argumentation can be extended to the rhythm method of contraception as well. Given certain plausible empirical assumptions, the rhythm method may well be responsible for a much higher number of embryonic deaths than some other contraceptive techniques."

Though some responses to the sloppy arguments made in this paper have been made by American Papist, Epiphany, and other bloggers, I do not believe the responses I’ve so far seen address the scientific/statistical aspects of Bovens’ claims. For instance, they rightly point out that the rhythm method was long ago replaced by much more reliable empirical methods collectively known as natural family planning (NFP). However, I suspect that Bovens chose to deliberately seem ignorant of pro-life/anti-contraceptive terminology in order to subtly mock what he sees as ignorance of reproductive medicine on the part of those who call the birth control pill abortifacient. I fear that Catholic bloggers have allowed themselves to be distracted by a red herring.

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Keep It In Your Pants

Are there any people with self-control and restraint left?

College ‘Sexfest’ Irks State Lawmaker

Mr. Marshall recently asked to meet with James Madison University President Linwood Rose, whose students last month held a so-called “SexFest” that included a demonstration of how to put on a condom. Mr. Marshall also filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with officials at the University of Virginia to determine the school’s policy on emergency contraception (EC).

Study Ties ‘Morning-After’ Pill Use to Supply Ease [I can’t find the actual news link anywhere. – Funky]

"NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – Women who have "morning-after" pills on hand are significantly more likely to use the emergency contraception than women who have to go to the drugstore to fill a prescription, researchers said on Monday."

We Actually Won a Case?!?

Nurse fired over ‘morning-after’ pill wins case

A federal jury ordered a Riverside County public health clinic to pay $47,000 to a nurse who was fired for refusing to dispense ”morning-after” contraceptives. The nurse, Michelle Diaz, said that dispensing the pills would violate her religious beliefs. The jury found that the clinic had violated her civil rights.