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Plan B: Literature Review (Part II)

The first post in this series can be found here. Last time I looked at a couple literature reviews about the methods of action of Plan B emergency contraception (levonorgestrel, LNG). This time I’m presenting On the the mechanisms of action of short-term levonorgestrel administration in emergency contraception (Durand, et al., 2001)

Plan B: Literature Review (Part I)

The mode of action of [emergency contraception, EC] has become he subject of heated debate in North America and in several Latin American and Caribbean countries. The main question is centred on whether or not EC prevents pregnancy by interfering with post-fertilization events. This issue is of importance for many people who consider that a […]

Plan B: Not Abortifacient But Not a Panacea Either

When Karina at Netscape.com linked to yesterday's post about Plan B, she lumped me in with those whose "buzz on this ruling is overwhelmingly positive". While I do not believe that Plan B is abortifacient, and therefore needn't be fought by pro-lifers as such, that does not mean that I think over-the-counter access to it […]

Plan B is Not Abortifacient

As any regular reader of this blog is well aware, I’m strongly pro-life. However, I’m ticked off at my own movement right now because of crap like this [emphasis mine]: "President George Bush shocked the pro-life movement with his support for over-the-counter access to abortion-drug Plan B, also known as the morning-after pill, for adults. […]

Mangling, Mishandling, and Misrepresentation of Science in the Plan B Debate (Part II)

Read Part I of "Mangling, Mishandling, and Misrepresentation of Science in the Plan B Debate" In all my searching, I have found no studies that support the notion that Plan B acts as an abortifacient. The only two proven methods of action are thickening of the cervical fluid and prevention of ovulation. The manufacturer of […]