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Investigating NFP: The Great Embryo Killer? (Update)

Some updates regarding Bovens' bunkum: The NY Times printed a reasonably fair article about the paper – a welcome contrast to many articles that proceded it . Bovens has responded to his critics. I'd intended to fisk his inadequate responses, but others have already done that far better than I ever could.

Investigating NFP: Bovens’ Bovine Excrement

Per my request, with intercessory help from Gregory Popcak, Kevin Miller at Heart Mind and Strength has posted clear and consise rebuttals that address the scientific and bioethical claims made by Bovens. Kevin has degrees in biology, chemistry, and moral theology, so he knows his stuff. He also got to the point much more quickly […]

Investigating NFP: The Great Embryo Killer? (Part II)

Read Part I of "The Great Embryo Killer?" Having used what he believes to be sound reasoning to implicate NFP in avoidable embryo deaths, he then entertains some possible pro-life responses. Since there’s little actual reasoning in Bovens arguements, I’d just as soon skip his charicatures of pro-life rebuttals. However, since they involve subtle changes […]

Investigating NFP: The Great Embryo Killer? (Part I)

[Errors in my arguments were fixed and additional material was added after initial publication. – Funky] St. Blog’s Parish will soon be all aflutter with news that Luc Bovens, a professor of philosophy at the London School of Economics, has written an article ("The rhythm method and embryonic death", J Med Ethics 32: 355-356) that […]