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The Right to be Wrong

My recent post questioning unwavering support for the State of Israel generated a lot of discussion, much of which was off topic, involving religious tolerance, confessional governments, and whether or not anyone has a natural right to be wrong. Being off topic doesn’t make the discussion irrelevant or uninteresting, though. So, in order to “purify” […]


A couple weeks ago I heard about 11 Christians who were arrested while peacefully protesting Outfest in Philadelphia. I waited for a few MSM outlets to report it, but they didn’t. Here are two WorldNetDaily articles about it. I wish I had some less obviously conservative sources. Any suggestions? 11 Christians arrested at homosexual event […]

An Atheist Christmas Special

Theomorph presents an interesting view on sacred versus profane Christmas debates. Unlike a lot of secularists, he’s not hostile toward religious expression. Perhaps it’s because he was once Christian. Then again, maybe he’s just a nice guy. πŸ˜‰ On a somewhat related note, here’s an article about the growing popularity of Festivus.

Neutering Christmas

” The attempts to de-Christianize Christmas are as absurd as they are relentless. The United States today is the most tolerant and diverse society in history. It celebrates all faiths with an open heart and open-mindedness that, compared to even the most advanced countries in Europe, are unique.” “Yet more than 80 percent of Americans […]

Politics From the Pulpit

There are great discussions going on in the comments to these posts, both of which touch on faith in public life. I encourage those who haven’t done already to hop in. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas, ACLU Still Hope I’d like to thank all those who’ve been participating. I don’t usually get such lively debate in my […]