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Oil For Food Means Investigation for Money

I’m glad some effort is being made to keep the U.N. accountable. Congress May Block UN Budget Over Oil-for-Food Probe More than 100 members of Congress will try to block some United States funding of the United Nations unless U.S. officials are allowed to begin an open and complete investigation into a U.N. humanitarian program […]

Freedom From Religion?

I don't think it takes a leap of logic to believe that politically correct propaganda, perhaps from the homosexual lobby, wouldn't have been censored like this boy's religious literature was. Religious Liberty Advocates Defend Fifth-Grade Censorship Victim By Jim Brown June 21, 2004 (AgapePress) – A Michigan school is being sued for censoring a fifth-grade […]

Persecution in China

Despite some softening on religion, perhaps largely to ease the People’s Republic of China into the Western business world, there are still gross injustices, such as the disappearance of two bishops and the arrest of two priests who had been teaching Chinese couples about Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Catholic marriage theology. For those who […]

Religious Liberties

In case anybody wondered, the ACLU doesn’t always support the wrong people/causes. 😉 ACLU gets Bible verse back in local yearbook May 12, 2004 BY PEGGY WALSH-SARNECKI, FREE PRESS EDUCATION WRITER “Abby Moler is getting the chance to pass on two lessons to her classmates: You can fight City Hall, and you can enlist unexpected […]

Hat Trick

Here are three nice articles from the Archdiocese of Denver. Thanks for all the help, you religious folks – now pipe down Why faith is, and belongs, at the center of the public square "Every election year the Church lives through the same strange drama: Catholics speak their faith, and the world tells them to […]