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Poverty and Libertarianism

While personally admiring of some principles of libertarianism, I’ve tended to think of libertarians as the partisans of employed, healthy, childless, college educated people. That said, America’s current political climate has had me rethinking my priorities for what should be done now.

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Vultures Capitalize on Katrina

This is just disgusting. May God give me to strength to forgive these
vultures’ trespasses as He forgives mine.

Hurricane Katrina has spawned more than misery and
destruction–a new wave of scam e-mails and Web sites are exploiting the
. Phony Web sites and e-mails, purporting to offer help to
hurricane victims or provide more news on the destruction, are making
their rounds on the Internet, security experts said Thursday.

I pray these scammers are caught and sentenced to many months of
disaster relief work.

Oil For Food Means Investigation for Money

I’m glad some effort
is being made to keep the U.N. accountable.

Congress May Block UN Budget Over Oil-for-Food Probe

More than 100 members of Congress will try to block some United States funding of the United Nations unless U.S. officials are allowed to begin an open and complete investigation into a U.N. humanitarian program in pre-war Iraq — sooner rather than later.

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) noted Monday that it has been more than a year since the public first learned of fraud and abuse allegations directed at the U.N.’s oil-for-food program in Iraq. Flake and his colleagues are unhappy with the U.N.’s apparent lack of progress in its investigation of those charges. Now they are actively promoting existing legislation that would punish what they see as willful inaction.

Send In The Clones

Uh-oh, did George Lucas clone a library for Attack of the Clones?

Jedi Archives Clones Long Room, Trinity Attacks

“The above image is a shot of the Long Room Library, Trinity College of Dublin. Or is it? Actually it’s not, it’s an image of the Jedi Archives in the most recent episode of the Star Wars series, Episode II: Attack of the Clones.”