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Katrina Relief: More Than Just Money

There are more ways to help victims of hurricane Katrina than just donating money. My aunt is helping out a church in Alabama and sent the following instructions for putting together care boxes THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NEEDED IMMEDIATELY:

Vultures Capitalize on Katrina

This is just disgusting. May God give me to strength to forgive these vultures’ trespasses as He forgives mine. Hurricane Katrina has spawned more than misery and destruction–a new wave of scam e-mails and Web sites are exploiting the tragedy. Phony Web sites and e-mails, purporting to offer help to hurricane victims or provide more […]

Reporting Tragedies, Raising Awareness, and Helping People

I got an interesting email from the American Progress Action Fund regarding news reports of tragic events, like the devastation wrought by Katrina. "Like many of you, for the past 48 hours we have been glued to our computers and televisions, watching this tragedy unfold. We applaud the efforts of our news media, in particular […]