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An Information Science Solution to Pittsburgh Public Transit Woes

Bob Firth, Informing Design “The Long Squiggly Line That’s Killing Our Transit System and an Information Science Solution” February 21, 2007, 3:30 pm Room 501, 135 N. Bellefield Ave School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh The recent proposed cuts to funding of the Pittsburgh Authority Transit system have led Bob Firth and his company, […]

The Need for Speed

My training has been going really well lately. On Wednesday, I did twelve 400 meter repeats. I did the first eleven in 2:00 each and the last in 1:20(!). Yesterday, I ran a very hilly course in Frick Park about 10.5K long in 51:00, a ~7:51 pace, which is faster than the 54:00 (8:43 pace) […]

How Do I Loathe AOL? Let Me Count the Ways

I doubt I could have expressed my loathing of AOL any better than Dan Tynan of PC World did. "How do we loathe AOL? Let us count the ways. Since America Online emerged from the belly of a BBS called Quantum ‘PC-Link’ in 1989, users have suffered through awful software, inaccessible dial-up numbers, rapacious marketing, […]

Internet Exploder

I really hate Internet Explorer. It’s a web designer’s nightmare due to its lack of CSS standards compliance. If anyone has had or is having problems viewing my blog with IE, I’m sorry. I simply don’t have the time or the inclination to tweak my layout until IE doesn’t choke on it. If any of […]

Gas Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers have been getting attention off and on for being serious smog culprits. What I wish some people would discuss in these is the possibility of using a manual, non-powered mower, especially for smaller yards. Alternatives to conventional grasses, like Pennsylvania sedge (or another sedge species) or buffalo grass, also need less mowing yet […]