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2008 Just a Short Run Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran my fourth half marathon at the 8th annual Just a Short Run. It was definitely my worst. I’m not too disappointed, though, considering I didn’t really train for it. BTW, that was a bad idea; don’t emulate me. Anyhow, I finished without walking (not counting water stops) in 2:19:50. I’m still […]

Celeres Nexus Pro 2007-02-09

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2006 Gomer Davis Pumpkin Chase 5K

This morning I ran the Gomer Davis Pumpkin Chase 5K sponsored by the Wilmerding YMCA. The course was described as flat. Riiiight. It was what I’ve learned to call “Pittsburgh flat”. That is, there were about as many downhills as there were uphills, making the overall change in elevation close to zero. Balanced or not, […]

Fleet Feet

My training with my WPTC buddies continues to go well. On Wednesday, I ran a mile, a half mile, and a quarter mile with short brakes in between. I ran them in 7:36, 3:36 (7:12 pace), and 1:34 (6:16 pace), respectively. I look forward to running a mile in less than 7:00 – perhaps even […]

The Need for Speed

My training has been going really well lately. On Wednesday, I did twelve 400 meter repeats. I did the first eleven in 2:00 each and the last in 1:20(!). Yesterday, I ran a very hilly course in Frick Park about 10.5K long in 51:00, a ~7:51 pace, which is faster than the 54:00 (8:43 pace) […]