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A Great Run :)

"…I decided to go for a little run…For no particular reason I just kept on going." – Forrest Gump This weekend, I’m in Arlington, Virginia with my wife visting some of her friends from college. This morning, I went for a run on the Custis Trail. I thought I’d run at least 5K and perhaps […]

Training Update

My weekly training sessions with folks from the West Penn Track Club have been really helpful. Yesterday evening, I did something that there’s no way I could have done before training with them. I ran two miles’ worth of 400 meter intervals at an average pace of 7:00! If I keep this up, odds are […]

2006 Race for the Cure 5K

It was naive of me to think that I could run a personal best at the Race for the Cure. There were far too many walkers clogging the route. The really annoying thing is that there shouldn’t have been any walkers on the race course at all. The walkers had their own course and were […]

West Penn Track Club: Good People

I just got back from having dinner with some of the members of West Penn Track Club at La Fiesta (great food in well-sized portions, by the way). We went after training at the CMU track. They seem like a really nice group of friendly people. This particular subset of WPTC is made up of […]

2005 Run Shadyside 5K – My First Race :)

Today I ran my first race. 🙂 It was the Run Shadyside 5K. I finished in 28:32, so my mile pace was 9:12. It could have been better, but I wasn't disappointed. I learned a few lessons from today. 1) While it was a good idea for me to avoid coffee this morning, and hot […]