2006 Race for the Cure 5K

[2006 Race for the Cure 5K bib]It was naive of me to think that I could run a personal best at the Race for the Cure. There were far too many walkers clogging the route. The really annoying thing is that there shouldn’t have been any walkers on the race course at all. The walkers had their own course and were scheduled to start at a different time. Obviously a lot of people didn’t realize that or didn’t care. After all, rules apply to other people. *grumble* Next year I’ll definitely start close to the front of the pack. I’d rather be passed by the really fast people than have to pass the really slow people.

Anyhow, though my time of 27:30 wasn’t a personal best, it was still my best recorded race time. I figure I lost 2-3 minutes on the first mile alone. After that, though, I ran a hair over an 8-minute pace. Later in the day, I ran a training 5K in Schenley park with Edey and Father Michael Darcy (of the Oratory). My time on that was about 25:30.

My next race will be West Penn Track Club’s Pittsylvania Mile. I’m hoping for 7:30 or better. After that, I’ll be running the Father’s Days Us TOO 10K for prostate cancer research. My goal is to run it in 45 minutes or less. I’ve done sub-49:00 once in training, so I know it’s not impossible.

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  1. rat wrote:

    Shame about the walkers during the race, but nice that you picked up the time on the second 5K of the day!

    btw – I probably won’t be out on the track tomorrow evening, but if you have nothing to do around, say, 7 AM, feel free to join me in running loops around Schenley. In the rain, hopefully :-)

    Posted 16 May 2006 at 10:37 pm
  2. Edey wrote:

    you’re going running at 7am?? wow. that’s hardcore.

    Posted 16 May 2006 at 10:51 pm
  3. rat wrote:

    Nah, to be hardcore you have to finish your morning run before the sun rises :-)

    Running in the morning is a habit I picked up during my Annapolis training years, and I’ve never been able to shake it off. Besides, what else would I be doing that early? Sleeping??? 😉

    Posted 17 May 2006 at 8:50 am

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