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Hello, Iím a Cafeteria Republican

Why is it that for many people, they think that certain political ideas should go together by default? If one is pro-life, they must be for the Iraq war. If one is against the death penalty, they must be for (so-called) homosexual marriage. If one is …

Gas Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers have been getting attention off and on for being serious smog culprits. What I wish some people would discuss in these is the possibility of using a manual, non-powered mower, especially for smaller yards. Alternatives to conventional grasses, like Pennsylvania sedge (or another sedge species) or buffalo grass, also need less mowing yet […]

Fruitful Multiplication and Care of God’s Creation

Earlier, Funky explored Pius XII’s comments on family size. However, one thing that seems to come up frequently when discussing the idea of having large families is how to reconcile a large family with preserving the earth for future generations and caring for God’s creation. As I have said in the past, I think the […]

Gas Guzzlers

Teeheehee… "It seems someone in the marketing department of/for GM thought it would be a grand idea to advertise the 2007 a Chevy Tahoe by running a contest – a DIY (Do It Yourself) commercial." I love the results. *evil grin* My commercial Commercial #1 Commercial #2 Commercial #3 Commercial #4 Commercial #5 Commercial #6 […]

Plants Fart?

I tend to be a bit of an environmentalist (conservationist, really), but I have my limits. For instance, I’m not ready to conclude that global warming is a) a unique phenomenon separate from cyclical climate changes, and b) if it is, that human activity is mostly to blame for it. I have an open mind […]