Investigating NFP: An Ob/Gyn’s Point of View

If the following podcast had a text transcript I’d consider using it for the last post of this series.  Since it doesn’t, I’ll just point you folks to it so you can listen at your leisure.

Today we have a conversation with Dr Paddy Jim Baggot, MD. He is a Catholic Physician board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Geneticist specializing in preconception health and NaProTechnology, which is a new reproductive science for assisting couples to conceive naturally without the use of artificial reproductive techniques.

He has studied at the Pope Paul VI Institute, a health science research insitution dedicated to following Catholic teaching in all aspects of Human reproduction.

Dr Baggot talks about Humanae Vitae, Donum Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s call for Doctors and Men of Science to "considerably advance the welfare of marriage and the family and also peace of conscience, if by pooling their efforts they strive to elucidate more thoroughly the conditions favorable to a proper regulation of births", the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception, In Vitro Fertilization, new ways to treat infertility, Natural Family Planning, etc….

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