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Bogus Lewis Letter?

A UK paper is reporting that a new letter C.S. Lewis wrote to a child has been found by literary advisor to Lewis’ estate, Walter Hooper. It supposedly puts to rest any doubt that The Chronicles of Narnia are explicitly Christian. As soon as I read the first line of the letter, "Supposing there really […]

Whining About Wikipedia

Contrary to my earlier suspicions, it seems that John Seigenthaler did indeed change the article about himelf. I still wonder, though, how long he waited before doing so. Did the four months he mentions pass prior to his discovery of the misinformation, or did he sit on his hands for a while? A recent CNET […]

Tongue Tied

A couple months ago, Rand of A Form of Sound Words said: "DARN it to HECK! I can’t believe Billy believes that load of CRAP. I mean JEEEZ, what is he thinking. I tried and tried to talk some sense into him, but OH MY GOSH, he’s stubborn." "I apologize in advance to all the […]

“Non-Controversial Human Embryonic Stem Cells…And a Bridge in Brooklyn”

Well well, what have we here, a Washington Post article on possible non-controversial human embryonic stem cell (hESC) sources. Let’s see what they are:

An Exchange on Cloning

[For the uninitiated: Theomorph is an atheist lexivore and Jerry Nora is a Catholic MD/PhD student with penchant for bioethics. – Funky] A week ago, Theomorph posted some thoughts about cloning on his blog. Below I have the questions that he poses in bold and his own answers in italic, and my own counterpoints are […]