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Dreaming the Impossible Dream

Once upon a time, I had aspirations. Some of you may remember what those are. They’re the things that you tell yourself you’re going to do before you die/grow-up/get married/whatever. Now, some of those are clearly not going to happen for me. After much consideration, I’ve admitted that it’s unlikely that I’m going to win the Nobel Prize. It also appears that my chances of becoming an astronaut are dim at best. And despite my best efforts, I must sadly admit that I am indeed not the very model of a Modern Major General (can’t write a washing bill in Babylonic Cuneiform, and I was never good at acrostics).

But even in my old age I’d like to think that some of my childhood dreams are still attainable. With that in mind, I’d like to dust off one that I’ve been putting off for some time: Eat the perfect cake.

To this end I want some opinions. What’s the best cake, and how do I get it? Keep in mind, there’s no way I’m baking the damn thing. I don’t care how good a made-from-scratch homemade cake is. Not going to happen. And I’m not paying more than $50 for it. Nor am I going to fly to France or some god awful place for it. If I can get it delivered, all’s well. But I’m not traveling for frickin’ cake. I just want cake. Awesome cake. Ice cream optional.

What’s the best cake you’ve ever had?

Succor of the masses?

The thing about Nietzschian ethics is, it’s no an easy path. People like to talk big, and brag about how rough and tough they are, but the truth is that the path to the overman is not an easy one to walk. It requires much self-sacrifice and denial. Part of that is recognizing the traps that others fall into and avoiding them. The overman must overcome base temptation.

I still want a chocolate Easter bunny. They’re on clearance at the Wal-Greens for like $1.00! But no, that would be partaking of commercial religion, and of course we all know what a no-no that is. So Nietzsche says I have to walk by, and not get a bunny, and isn’t that just fine for him? I bet he bought the stupid Easter clearance when nobody was looking. It’s 90% off. They’re practically giving it away! But of course I passed it by like the sap that I am, because that’s what a good little overman is supposed to do. And all I can say is, this whole overman thing better be worth it, or I swear to God I am going to be seriously pissed.

Chocolate bunny…


What do you guys eat when you know you want something, but aren’t sure what? Lately I keep thinking that there’s something that I want, but I can’t figure out for the life of me what it is. So I end up eating a bunch of stuff and think, “No, that wasn’t it.” Which isn’t working out for me.

I think it’s french fries. Or maybe donuts. Not cake. I tried that. Possibly lemon squares. Probably not. That’s kind of like cake. But not really.

C’mon, people. Ideas?

WTF?! Wednesday-ish

Yeah, so obviously it’s not Wednesday.  I could have tinkered with the posting date, but why?  No need.  Who am I to manipulate time like that?  Last night I sat here with the post screen open and couldn’t bring myself to write anything.  It’s been a long few days.  But apparently the world doesn’t go on “Dawn’s exhausted, let’s act normal” hiatus when things are hitting the proverbial fan.

I went back to the hospital after work tonight, and at about 9 pm, Mom sent me on a “hot tea” run.  The cafe is open 24 hours, so that was clearly my first choice.  In I went, and there were only three other customers in the cafe.  All three were off around the side of the counter to pick up orders they had put in (they worked in the hospital.  I could tell by the scrubs.  I miss wearing scrubs.  But I digress…).  The cafe is relatively large–three “U” shaped bars that easily fit about 25 people each.  So I sat down to wait to order the tea, and after a few minutes another customer came in. 

Where did she sit?  74 empty seats in the entire cafe, and where do you think she sat?  That’s right.  She plopped down right next to me.  No empty seat between us, not across the big U shaped bar, but right next to me.  Who does that?!  I seriously don’t understand what could compel someone, when given the choice between all of those seats, to saddle up right next to a complete stranger.  I don’t think she even thought it was strange!  I was startled that she sat there, and so I assumed I probably knew her, but nope.  I looked at her, she looked at me, and I had never seen her before.  So I turned back around and waited for the server to take my order, utterly confused by this strange behavior.  What made it worse was that I noticed that she was staring at me.  Staring at me!  A complete stranger.  Staring.  I honestly felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  I was too tired to even question her behavior and decided to walk over to the side counter just in case her brand of crazy was contagious.

It’s a behavior that makes me nuts, and it’s not relegated to hospital cafes only.  The other place it always seems to happen to me is in a movie theater.  When a friend and I went to see Ice Harvest, we were the only two in the entire theater.  We had the perfect seats–3/4 of the way up the stadium seating, directly in the center.  Perfect!  Just as the previews were ending an elderly couple decided to sit directly in front of us.  Not a few rows down in the same seats, not even staggered so there was any space.  Right in front of us.  They had an entire theater to choose from, but they decided that they needed to sit right there.  It was so ridiculous that we couldn’t control our laughing, and it certainly didn’t help that Ice Harvest was a really dark comedy.  We found ourselves openly laughing–probably much harder than we would have if the other couple wasn’t there–and when they wouldn’t laugh, we found it even funnier. 

I’m sorry, but there are unspoken rules about these things.  When you enter a public place first, you have dibs on where you want to sit.  There’s a buffer zone that you anticipate, and rightfully so!  Filling up public spaces is like Minesweeper.  Think about it.  It’s true.  When other people don’t abide by these rules, it becomes a complete distraction.   Have you ever been on a bus or subway car that was empty except for you?  Have you ever had someone get on at the next stop only to sit beside you when there is an entire vehicle of open seats?  Yeah.  I have.  That’s why I make a beeline to the individual, anti-social seats.  For the rest of the ride I sat there in a state of confusion and astonishment.  Everyone knows that that kind of behavior is weird.  That means that the people who do this are either completely socially inept (and possibly crazy), or they are doing it intentionally to see what kind of response they’ll get.  I don’t like either of those two options, quite frankly. 

The next time someone does this, I’m going to ask them why.  Is there a memo I missed?  Is there a secret game going on that I don’t know about?  Have they recently been released from being held prisoner in a cave, or were they possibly just separated from their Siamese twin and are lonely?  Whatever the reason, I’m demanding an explanation next time. 

Write well,