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Succor of the masses?

The thing about Nietzschian ethics is, it’s no an easy path. People like to talk big, and brag about how rough and tough they are, but the truth is that the path to the overman is not an easy one to walk. It requires much self-sacrifice and denial. Part of that is recognizing the traps that others fall into and avoiding them. The overman must overcome base temptation.

I still want a chocolate Easter bunny. They’re on clearance at the Wal-Greens for like $1.00! But no, that would be partaking of commercial religion, and of course we all know what a no-no that is. So Nietzsche says I have to walk by, and not get a bunny, and isn’t that just fine for him? I bet he bought the stupid Easter clearance when nobody was looking. It’s 90% off. They’re practically giving it away! But of course I passed it by like the sap that I am, because that’s what a good little overman is supposed to do. And all I can say is, this whole overman thing better be worth it, or I swear to God I am going to be seriously pissed.

Chocolate bunny…