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I Hate Decisions

I couldn’t decide what to hate today, so I decided (and I will be very sad if you couldn’t figure this out for yourself) on everything.

I figure, by hating everything I’ll pretty much have gotten whatever it was that I was going to hate. Kind of a bigger-hammer approach, but it’s effective.


I lost my pen today. This makes me a bitter, bitter man indeed. I’ve never really talked about my pens on this blog before, but I’m a huge pen snob. The pen I just lost was a Waterman Hemisphere in stainless steel, ball point. It was the best ball point pen I’ve ever owned. Super smooth, and reliable under almost all conditions. It was everything you’d want from a ball point pen.

Now I have to admit that I can’t really justify the expense of getting another precision writing instrument. The Hemisphere was a bit of an indulgence, and a Christmas present for myself (yes, I owned it less than half a year). Having come to that conclusion, I probably need to buy a pack of disposables.

What do you all recommend for pens? Bics? Office Max? Uniball? Or maybe it doesn’t even matter. I’ll just find a blunt nail and dip it in ink.

Penguins? *Yawn*

Am I the only Pittsburgher who doesn’t give a flying fart about the Pens?

Come to think of it, I’m not sure I care much for any team, or any sport for that matter. With each passing year I find it harder to get excited about watching people get paid too much to play games. I’d rather participate a sport myself (like ultimate) or watch amateur and unpopular, low-paying professional sports (like track and cross-country). The only popular professional sport I care much about any more is football, and even that’s losing my interest. Maybe I need to start watching soccer.

Anyone else feel like I do? Bueller?