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Political Compass Revisited

The primary season inspired me to revisit a couple political compass quizzes. Here are the results. Original Political Compass old scores Left/Right: -4.75 Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.44 new scores Economic Left/Right: -0.62 Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.97 Chris Lightfoot’s Political Compass old scores Left/Right: -2.5683 Idealism/Pragmatism: -5.2243 new scores Left/Right: -0.0344 Pragmatism: -0.6670 Holy centrist, Batman!

Music Making Me Mad

Moments ago I was sitting in my boss’ office waiting for him to finish some math for a paper we’re writing. He’s a big classical music fan and often listens to a local station streamed over the net. As I sat there, effectively alone with my thoughts, I realized something about my feelings toward classical […]

Scary, Ain’t It?

I’ve gone swimming in the gene pool. Muahahahaha!!!

2008 Just a Short Run Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran my fourth half marathon at the 8th annual Just a Short Run. It was definitely my worst. I’m not too disappointed, though, considering I didn’t really train for it. BTW, that was a bad idea; don’t emulate me. Anyhow, I finished without walking (not counting water stops) in 2:19:50. I’m still […]

Hello, Iím a Cafeteria Republican

Why is it that for many people, they think that certain political ideas should go together by default? If one is pro-life, they must be for the Iraq war. If one is against the death penalty, they must be for (so-called) homosexual marriage. If one is …