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Political Compass Revisited

The primary season inspired me to revisit a couple political compass quizzes. Here are the results. Original Political Compass old scores Left/Right: -4.75 Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.44 new scores Economic Left/Right: -0.62 Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.97 Chris Lightfoot’s Political Compass old scores Left/Right: -2.5683 Idealism/Pragmatism: -5.2243 new scores Left/Right: -0.0344 Pragmatism: -0.6670 Holy centrist, Batman!

Political Compass Redux

A while back I asked my readers to take a political quiz and report their results. I’ve taken those results and plotted them. Bear in mind that they only represent my readers. I’m not looking to replicate a blogosphere-wide map. If you’re one of my readers and you’d like to be on this map, take […]

IPIP-NEO/Political Compass Meme

IMPORTANT: If you came here because I emailed you about this meme, you should know that I’ve modified it. I was pretty psyched about the idea, but a friend of mine convinced me that it could backfire in its original form. Specifically: "Originally, I was going to do the IPIP-NEO/Political Compass Meme. Ales Rarus passed […]

Bedside Meme

I've heard some people say that bloggers who want to "make it big" shouldn't participate in or spread frivolous memes (e.g. quizzes). I happen to think that in moderation memes can be useful tools for learning a little more about the people behind the keyboards. In that spirit, here's my overdue response to a tag […]

Blogging and Social Science

The myriad of memes that cross-cross the blogosphere testify to bloggers’ pleasure in answering questions. Why not put that to good use? That’s just what some folks at MIT are doing.