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What Would Benedict Say?

I knew the Benedictines had gone ’round the bend of late, but this is just bizarre.

The [Presbyterian] Rev. Lynne Smith is believed to be the first woman in the United States to join a monastery founded by Roman Catholic sisters without converting from her original religion.

(Thanks, Open Book)

Update: The original news story link no longer works, so here’s another version.

First U.S. ecumenical community for women

Lynne Smith describes herself as a new monastic for the new millennium. Smith is a Presbyterian Benedictine — not just a baptized Presbyterian, but an ordained minister in the Presbyterian church. She is also a novice in the ecumenical community of Benedictine women of Madison.

How Sad

It’s rather disappointing to see that a major Christian denomination has to bother debating the issue of abortion. Even if you could argue against the personhood of a first-term fetus, no Christian should advocate abortion as "emergency contraception". The very phrase turns my stomach. "Oh no! I’m infected with a child! Get it out!"

By the way, while I sympathize with victims of rape and incest, the child did not wrong anyone and does not deserve to be executed for someone else’s sin.

Presbyterian Church Will Battle Over Abortion at Upcoming Meeting
by Maria Gallagher, LifeNews.com Staff Writer

Richmond, VA (LifeNews.com) — The issue of abortion is likely to take center stage at a meeting of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Richmond, Virginia, June 26. A number of presbyteries, or district governing bodies, have submitted abortion-related resolutions to this year’s General Assembly.


I sympathize with this group well. Sadly, the Roman Catholic Church may someday need their

Group Amplifies Voice of Protestant Orthodoxy

Published: May 22, 2004

“As Presbyterians prepare to gather for their General Assembly in Richmond, Va.,
next month, a band of determined conservatives is advancing a plan to split the
church along liberal and orthodox lines. Another divorce proposal shook the United
Methodist convention in Pittsburgh earlier this month, while conservative Episcopalians
have already broken away to form a dissident network of their own.”